Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Research in the Primary Grades - Las Invenciones

I have been going through my files recently and found some samples of a spring research project I did in the past with second grade bilingual students.  Social Studies seems to be the most neglected subject because of time but it is really a practical, engaging, and easy subject to teach.  When possible, I tried to integrate some of my reading and writing objectives into the social studies objectives so that I could free up the time to actually "do" Social Studies.  This was a fun project we did about Inventions that touched on summarizing important details after the students had read in groups several nonfiction resources in English and Spanish about a specific invention.

We used sticky notes with the questions ¿Quién?  ¿Qué? ¿Cuándo?  ¿Dónde?  ¿Por qué?  ¿Cómo? written on them.  With several books about the television, I modeled looking for answers to these questions in the books and placing the sticky notes on those pages.  Later, I went back and paraphrased the information in my own words to answer the question on the sticky note.  Then, I modeled transferring my notes onto the writing frame.  I made the frame as a Word document and then ran it on Legal sized paper.

Below, are some of my students' examples.  They worked as partners and their work was not edited or revised by me. (Just clarifying! :))

So, I would love to know how you integrate Social Studies into your lessons!  As our students enter middle school and high school, they will benefit from having a foundation of history and social studies because there is so much content (new people and vocabulary) added every year.
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  2. I think that incorporating bilingual reading and writing objectives into Social Studies will really help your students. I like the work you displayed and it looks like your effectively teaching these students how to operate in both languages!

  3. This is such a great activity that incorporates reading and writing into social studies. Not only that, but students are able to draw as well! This makes it more fun and engaging, and helps them illustrate their ideas that they may have trouble writing. I am actually in my third year of college right now studying to become a bilingual teacher, so it is exciting to see what I am studying actually being utilized by current teachers!


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