Friday, March 8, 2013

Dual Language Linky Love - 3/18/13 Edition

I'm back on the blog and wanted to share some of my favorite links that I have found in the past few months in case you missed them on my Facebook page:

  • California has posted their Common Core Language Arts Standards in Spanish.  The standards that are specific to the Spanish language are noted in blue.  There is a lot of emphasis on the use of the accent in reading and writing.
  • At The Dual Trio, three dual language teachers share some of the Spanish songs they have created to teach content in Spanish.  These songs are so easy to find in English but Spanish ones can be challenging!  I have posted some of my song creations here and here.  Don't judge.  It's hard and I'm not a musician so please share your own ideas!
  • Calico Spanish's YouTube channel has a growing list of Spanish music videos available that include introductory Spanish language for SLLs but also include content-based songs that would be great for native Spanish speakers in the primary grades (days of the week, vowels, weather terms, etc.).
  • Do you have a parent meeting or open house coming up?  This site has lots of fun tips with appealing graphics in Spanish to encourage parents and child to READ!   
  • Spanish Playground has free printable bookmarks with rhyming phrases along with a whole list of more rhyming phrases that would be great to incorporate into your daily routine.  With my preschoolers at home, I have found that incorporating fun rhyming language into the activities we do every day makes us feel like we have lots of inside jokes AND it naturally trains their ears to hear the rhymes.  My youngest just turned three and she is a rhyming machine!
Thanks so much to all of you for continuing to visit I Teach Dual Language!  Visit me on Pinterest at  I follow some amazing teachers and try to gather as many great resources for you as I can!  Stay tuned for more blog posts coming soon!

Have a great weekend and Spring Break week (for some of you)!


  1. What a great way to see what other people are posting! We have really enjoyed learning from your blog. Thanks for the linky love!

  2. Mom seeking advise...Would you recommend enrolling a 4th grader into a dual language program filled with students who have been together since Kindergarten?

  3. In addition, this student does not speak 2 languages.

  4. Studying English at elementary school has some benefits because the speech muscles of children are more flexible and still easier to get new words.

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