Monday, September 24, 2012

Literacy Lesson: Cerdota Grandota

If you find yourself teaching opposites, descriptive adjectives, or rhyming these days, you will definitely want to check out this cute book by Clare Beaton.

This book has fun repetitive and rhythmic text that is filled with teaching opportunities for all of the above.

Algunas vacas son flacas; otras son obesas.
¿Pero cuán grande es una cerdita?  ¿Lo sabes con certeza?

Algunos gansos están sucios; otros están limpiecitos. 
¿Pero cuán grande es una cerdita?  Cuenta los animalitos.

If you are teaching opposites, you can have your students match the opposite words.  

If you are teaching adjectives, you could invite your students to create Bridge Maps that apply the descriptive adjectives in the book to other objects.

If you are teaching rhyming, try doing a rhyming cloze reading where students predict the last word on the page during the read-aloud.  It is a great practice for predicting on the micro-reading level!

So, those were my ideas for using this book.  What ideas do you have?

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