Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Ask the Readers: Transitions & Attention-Getters in Spanish

Last week, I received a question from one of the "I Teach Dual Language" Facebook readers.  In case you aren't on Facebook, I thought I would share it with you!

I'm teaching Kindergarten Spanish for the first time and I need transition songs in Spanish.  Does anyone know some good and easy ones?  Also, I'm used to attention-getters such as 1, 2, 3, eyes on me..."  What can I use for an all Spanish class?  

I reposted this question on my Facebook page and here are the ideas that were shared by all of the AWESOME readers!  Thanks so much to everyone who contributed.  


  • Sung to the tune of the Addams Family:  Ojos aquí (snap snap), ojos aquí (snap snap) ojos aquí, ojos aquí (snap snap).  Escucha a tu maestra y pon atención.  Cierra bien la boca y pon los ojos aquí.  Ojos aquí (snap snap)…and repeat to finish the song.  
  • Teacher:  “Respeto.”  Students:  “Tratar a los demás como quieres que te traten.”  While they say the words, their arms go out in front and then across their body (kind of like the Macarena) so that when they finish speaking their arms are crossed and now they aren’t playing with anything, waiting for further instructions.  Like this:  “Tratar (right arm straight out) a los demás (left arm straight out) como quieres (right arm to left shoulder) que te traten (left arm to right shoulder).”
  • Teacher:  Dáme cinco.  Students:  Boca cerrada, miro y escucho (holding up one finger for each word until they were showing 5).
  • Teacher:  Uno, dos, tres, ojos aquí
  • Teacher:  Uno, dos, tres, ojos a mí.  Students:  Uno, dos, tres, ojos a tí
  • Teacher:  ¿Qué te pasa, Calabaza?  Students: Nada, nada, limonada.
  • Teacher:  Hola, hola.  Students:  Coca cola.
  • Teacher:  Si escuchas mi voz, aplaude dos veces.  Si escuchas mi voz, aplaude tres veces.
  • Teacher:  Uno, dos, tres, mírame otra vez.
  • Teacher:  Uno, dos, tres.  Students:  A la vez.
  • Teacher:  ¡Clase!  ¡Clase!  Students:  ¡Sí!  ¡Sí!
  • Teacher:  Atención.  Pon atención.  Abre los ojos mirando hacia acá.

I LOVE all of these suggestions!  If you have more, please share in the comments below.  Thanks again to everyone that shared their ideas!


  1. Ojos adelante, manos atras, uno atras uno, y no hable mas.

    1. That's a great one! Thanks for sharing, Beth!

  2. "Ojos a mi" S:"ojos a usted" ( msut point with both hands poitning straight out).

    for actual transition this is something both english and spanish teachers do at my school so students don't get confused when they switch rooms. "Dame uno" ( showing sitting excellence at either carpet or table), "Dame dos" ( standing straight up,, I sometimes have them pretend to be soldiers or paletas de - insert flavor-), "dame tres" a la alfombra/fila/mesas,etc. ( they walk to new destination). Works really well.


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