Monday, April 16, 2012

Novelty & Responding to Reading

I just bought a $3 shirt from Target and I can't wait to wear it tomorrow.  It's really not that special but it's NEW to me.  Don't you just love novelty?  The smallest new thing can brighten our days. 

Kids love novelty!  If you need a novel way to get them writing about their reading, try using your chart paper in this way.  Spread the paper across the table of desks and each student gets a quadrant and a marker to write with.  We wrote about text-to-self connections earlier in the week in Spanish and then used the same format to write later in the week in English.  I have always found that it is helpful to repeat the format but change the text when switching from one language to the other within the same week.  While novelty is a good tool, some amount of familiarity sure helps keep that affective filter low!
Do you have a good idea for adding some novelty at this point in the school year?
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