Sunday, April 15, 2012

And the Survey Says...

Since the name of this blog is "I Teach Dual Language" and most of you that find your way here are dual-language teachers, I have a question for you:  How do you DUAL?  As I coach and consult with dual-language campuses that are just getting started, the first question that teachers ask is, "Who else is doing it this way?"

So, would you please take a second to share with us how your program is configured?  There is a lovely little survey posted at the top right of this blog until the end of April.  Inquiring teachers want to know:  
  • Do you teach both languages or do students visit one teacher for Spanish and a different teacher for English?  
  • Do you teach all subjects in both languages or do you teach specific subjects primarily in Spanish and others primarily in English?
I'm planning a giveaway/linky party in the next couple of weeks to feature all of you beautiful dual-language teachers out there.  For now, be thinking about what you would want to share about the key elements that make your dual-language program work!  I can't wait to learn from you!


  1. I will continue to check back on the survey. I look forward to seeing the results. Thanks so much for keeping your blog updated with great information.

    Check out my blog as several dual teachers on our campus have blogs and have items posted such as Thinking Maps on mine.


    1. Thank you, Kevin! I keep up with Jessica's Glitzy in First Grade blog and I have been so impressed with all that you are doing at MES, especially in the area of dual language education. On Friday, I pinned some of her Thinking Maps pictures from around your campus. Amazing work! TM are an excellent tool for DLE because they are not tied to one language and can easily move between the classrooms and from grade to grade. I look forward to keeping up with your campus now via your blog too!


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