Monday, August 18, 2014

The 21st Century Classroom

There is the misconception that if we just take a traditional K-12 classroom and fill it with technology, we have designed the perfect 21st century classroom.

If we just add technology, will wind up with high tech classrooms that will still lack meeting all students' needs.

Here are some ideas that should be incorporated into the 21st Century classroom:

1. Desks and furniture that support collaboration. 

Furniture should be able to accommodate multiple learners and then be repositioned for independent learning.

2. Ample electrical outlets. 

You should provide a  combination of electrical outlets, some of which are integrated into the classroom furniture, and power strips that are distributed through the classroom. 

3. Lighting that's easy to control. 

Use lamps, natural lighting or lights that can be dimmed easily. Also the students sitting furthest away from the projection screen, for example, must be able to see the workspace clearly and without interference from shadows.

4. Integrate Technology - Video
Technology Integration



  1. I really have a hard time walking into classrooms where sitting is arranged in columns. Collaboration is a MUCH needed skill and students need to be able to have opportunities to discuss, share and communicate with one another easily. While I believe that technology is really important, communication (especially in a dual language classroom) is key for students to continue to develop their oral communication skills.

    Thank you for sharing and talking about this topic.


  2. This is a cool blog. It is great to see all the technology in classrooms these days. I am also interested in becoming a foreign language teacher. I need to get my TESOL certificate.


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