Sunday, June 8, 2014

Parent Involvement- Part II

Have you experienced lack of parent involvement? Does it frustrate you that your students' parents are not more involved?

Well, it is time to do something about it...

My first year as a dual language teacher, I was extremely frustrated because more than 50% of my students' parents where late for conferences or did not show-up, rarely answered my calls or helped their children with homework. 

After taking the time to talk to them, I realized that most of them really cared about their child's education, but they did not know how to help them.

It was a AHA moment because I had all these preconceived ideas - The language and cultural barrier was really the main issue.
This is a list of some things you can do to help your parents more comfortable with the school community:
1. If you speak your students' parents' native language, use their preferred language. 

2. If language is an issue, find a fully bilingual interpreter. Many times your school's parent liaison, another teacher, parent volunteer or community member will translate for you. Invite translators to PTA meetings and conferences.

3. Translate or ask someone to translate the written communications that you send home. Make sure that the translation is understandable to your specific audience, so it is not too hard to understand or too long.

4. Put parents in touch with bilingual staff even if you are bilingual. Give the parents a list of names and contact numbers at the district's office.

5. Teach parents how your school works, including the curriculum, standards, benchmarks, and materials.

6. Make sure your parents know the teacher and expectations.

7. Make certain that parents know their rights; such as, interpreters, programs, requirements.

8. Arrange a back-to- school night in the parents' native language and tour the school with them.

This is another helpful video on parent involvement (you can translated it and put it on power point).

Here is a great resource to help your students' parents.
Parent Program


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