Sunday, March 30, 2014

Vocabulary- Word Sorts- Part II

I am definitely a word sort fan, mainly because my students enjoy learning vocabulary and spelling this way.
Also, students have to pay close attention to patterns, features of words, sounds and their meaning. 

I learned, while teaching vocabulary using word sorts, that my students were more interested and excited about words. They were internalizing new vocabulary and spelling them correctly. In addition, they were making sense of words and patterns within words for the first time. It is crucial for students to construct their knowledge of words, creating a deep understanding of how language works.

Teaching spelling and vocabulary with word sorts is extremely beneficial; as a result, I made the risky decision to replace my traditional spelling tests with word sorts activities. It took a while to convince my students' parents and administrators, but the results spoke for themselves. 

Types of Sorts

1. Sound and Picture Sorts

Sound sorts are essential because sound is the first layer of English orthography. Sound study can be introduced at a very early stage and develop with a child’s individual ability. Sorting pictures or oral vocabulary is a manipulation of sounds, and this manipulation increases awareness. 

Picture sorts are one component of word study and are used to help beginning readers develop concept of word, phonological awareness, and phonics.Picture sorts most often begin with focusing on initial sound (single consonant, digraphs, or blends). 

2. Open and Closed Word Sorts

Word sort activities involve students comparing, contrasting, and classifying words - considering words from a variety of perspectives.

Open Word Sort activities are students directed. Students sort the words into any categories that make sense to them. They’re thinking creatively and critically.

Closed Word Sorts are teacher directed. Students place words under the correct category heading.


3. Digital Word Sort

Digitized word sorts provide an efficient way for teachers to deliver spelling pattern differentiation. A variety of these are ready-made, including:

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