Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Para escribir poesía...

I love this poemita by Francisco X. Alarcón.  Poetry seems to be making a comeback in priority in the classroom probably due to its resurgence on standardized tests.  As this poem indicates, those lessons on the five senses from the early grades will provide the foundation for students to be able to write poetry in the upper grades.

What way have you found to help your students touch, smell, and taste words?


  1. I think poetry isn't done as much as it could be in the primary grades. Even though young students are still learning the art of writing, with guidance, even my little kinder kiddos can write poetry. There are so many different types of poems it's so easy to have fun with it. I plan on doing acrostic, formula,5 senses, and shape poems next year.

    1. I totally agree, Arenia! I would love to see the poems your students write. I hope you will share and inspire the rest of us!


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