Monday, June 18, 2012

De regreso a la escuela: Luna, Lunita, Lunera

PreK and Kindergarten teachers, have you met this sweet book by Jorge Argueta yet? 

Mañana voy a la escuelita
por primera vez
El corazón me salta

como una ranita.

Little Luna, Lunita, Lunera is quite nervous about going to school for the first time. 

Como tengo cinco años
y soy grande como la luna llena

me pongo
los calcetines blancos,

los tenis rojos,
la blusa azul

y unos pantalones verdes
yo solita.

Y nos vamos a la escuela.

Little Lunita gradually discovers that school is not so scary as she gets to know her teacher and new friends in her class.  And contrary to her previous belief, she realizes that there are actually no scary monsters at school.  At home that night with her parents, she is even excited to go back the next day.

PreK and Kindergarten teachers, I have such admiration for what you do, especially those first few weeks of school!   I hope you can enjoy this sweet book with your little Lunas!

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