Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Dollar Deals @ Scholastic Teaching Express

Did you know that you can follow "I Teach Dual Language" on Facebook?  I update the Facebook page a little more often than this blog and try to include only links and other info that would be truly useful to bilingual/dual-language teachers.

I just posted a link to this website but, as I started to research some purchases for myself, I decided I needed to share the love with those of you that just visit the blog.

Check out these books that you can download as a PDF file for just $1!

This book is rated 5 stars by 21 reviews on Amazon and regularly sells there for $9.17.

The 4.5 star reviews say this book is perfect for teacher leaders.  It is listed on Amazon for over $16.

Plus there are quite a few of these books that can be printed and used along with your Spanish literacy and content lessons:

I have spent thousands of dollars on my classroom in the past 13 years as an educator.  I am so thankful that  we can now have access to excellent resources without having to spend so much money! :)  Let me know if you find any other great books you can't live without!

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