Thursday, March 22, 2012

Learning Disabilities and Cross-Linguistic Transfer

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Do some of your students struggle with learning in two languages more than others?  Have you found little information and support on your campus for understanding how to best meet the needs of these students?

The author of our giveaway resource for this week is Dr. Elsa  Cárdenas-Hagan.  She is a speech pathologist as well as a well-known researcher and author in the field of bilingual education and cross-linguistic transfer.  Colorín Colorado interviews Dr. Cárdenas-Hagan in this webcast about English Language Learners with Disabilities.  It is loaded with excellent information!  It would be an awesome mini staff development for your planning time or a meeting with the other bilingual or dual-language teachers on your campus.  Discussion questions and a handout are included here.

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